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   Beautiful curtains or drapes can instantly transform a room from drab to fab, the right pair of curtains can bring a stylish, co-ordinated feel to any room they add the finishing touches to a furnished space and also work well when viewed as a stand-alone feature. Drapery can enhance the features of a room – such as adding a colourful flourish to a large area; or a sophisticated, tailored look to a bedroom window.

   A simple way to add drama and interest to any space, a great set of drapes will give a room a finished, polished look,  curtains are a best way to add that luxury looks along with adding character to any area in your home. You get to chose from many traditional and modern designs. We have a huge range of superior fabrics for you to choose from.

   By adding swags & tails, valance or pelmets, decorative tracks or rods, curtains can add a whole new aspect to any area in your home. Majestic Curtains & Blinds have eye-catching collection of colours and designs for you to select from.
All of our curtain tracks are high quality, you choose the colour and design as per your requirement. We have rods,  hand drawn, cord controlled and motorised tracking solutions.

Master Bedroom Sheer Curtain and Roller

   Sheer curtain also known as Voile curtain are very light fabrics which fall gracefully over your windows, they are a great way to make the most of the natural light and create a bright but soft look, they let the daylight through the windows but provide privacy so they are perfect to use on their own or in combination with other window treatments like blockout curtains or roller blinds. Sheer curtain in combination with heavy drapes and double track systems allow for two layers of curtaining to a window providing day-time glare reduction & privacy, while the drapes assist with additional light control, insulation and provide night time privacy.


Select from our huge range of colours, styles and fabrics for drapes and sheer curtain to suit your windows and home decor.

From our exclusive collection add decorative trims such as fringes, flanges, cords etc to curtains or drapes to really make a statement. Find out more about custom made curtains and book a free measure and quote today.

Upgrade to Curtains or add Sheer curtains to your existing window coverings, call the experts.
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Swags and Tails

Swag and Tails traditionally associated with heavily draped, large scale windows; they have recently translated themselves into a multitude of less formal variations.

Swag and Tails have made a comeback and is considered to be the most decorative finish your window can have, it’s the perfect way of adding classiness and luxury, to add an extra dimension of elegance to any area in your home, and they provide form, color, pattern and texture to a space and make wonderful focal points. They also set the backdrop for adding layers of even more elaborate decoration.

Addition of Swags and Tails will change the entire room prospective and give an explicit illustrious look.
If used with bold patterned fabrics they can dominate the room, or used with simple colours the same as the wall colours then they create a wonderful form that tones in with the surroundings.

They are also great addition to insulate your windows by adding a blockade at the top to prevent air flow saving you energy & money and also reducing the light coming in and concealing the Curtain & Blind hardware underneath.
Spruce up your windows with Swags & Tails which can be made in any sizes in our exclusive range of fabrics, design your own by choosing the fabric, trims, shape, style & size.
All of our Swags and Tails are custom made, it gives endless options to the customer also different type of trims can be added to further enhance the elegance of Swags & Tails

Lining for Curtains and Drapes

For many good reasons, both aesthetic and practical, we always recommend to have lining on curtains.

To get the very best out of curtains, they ought to have linings (Sheer curtain do not featured lining as they are mainly for aesthetic function).

Lining your curtains can assist shut out light, keep you cooler in summer as well as warmer in wintertime and also minimize outdoors sound, lining also secure your curtains from fading or having sunlight damages, boosting the life of your curtains. Curtains with lining drape far better due to the fact that it adds weight and body and could develop complete, distinct pleats. Lining gives a polished, professional finish to home window coverning, concealing the hems and also raw edges. So to conclude, it is a smart selection to line your drapes.


Curtain Heading Types

Pencil Pleat A pencil pleat heading is the simplest, most versatile type of curtain heading, it is the most popular curtain heading. Pencil pleat works better on fabrics that are not too heavy or thick. The elegant slim folds can create a smart, formal window dressing, but can also look great in a relaxed setting. The pleats are created by pulling on cords to create an even gathering. Pencil pleat curtains can be hung from any curtain track using hooks or from a curtain rod using rings with hooks.

Double Pinch Pleat Sometimes known as Dutch pleats, double pinch pleats use more fabric and are fuller than pencil pleats. The pleats are held in place with stitching at even intervals along the heading. They are made to a fixed width to perfectly fit your curtain track or rod. Suitable for both curtain tracks and rods.
Triple Pinch Pleat Sometimes known as French pleats, they are effectively same as double pleat but with triple pinch pleats resulting in a very plush, full look and are further more fuller than pencil pleats and double pleat, the triple pleat header helps create a very formal ambiance. 

Inverted Box Pleat This type of heading has fabric folded into pleats on the front and on the back. After being sewn, the top treatment creates flat, boxy folds. Its designed for minimal fullness, well suited to modern and sleek interiors. Inverted pleat curtains can be hung from any curtain track using hooks or from a curtain rod using rings with hooks.

Goblet Pleat This type of heading creates a luxurious look that makes a sumptuous statement in a formal room and works well with heavier fabrics and is especially suitable for curtains with long drop. This type of header is suitable for larger windows as the curtains tend to take lot of space to stack back. 

Tab Top This is the modern, relaxed, and less formal headings, these are a contemporary heading suitable for all fabrics and curtain rods, loops of the same or a contrasting fabric are sewn to the top of the curtain. A plus point is that they don’t take a lot of fabric and are a good solution when you don’t want a heavy weight of drape at your window.

Eyelet Also know as grommet curtains, another great way of creating a modern look, eyelet curtains hang in wide, loose folds. This design is simple, casual and has been popular for a long time. Eyelet curtains can only be hung from a curtain rod.

Rod Pocket In this type of heading pocket is sewn across the top of the curtain panel through which the curtain rod is inserted, its another versatile curtain heading. Rod pocket curtains can only be hung from a curtain rod.

Curtain Length 

Length of curtains or draperies, the decision is yours, but generally speaking, the longer the curtain or drapery, the more dignified, dressy, and formal the look.
(See curtain length image below)

A.  Sill - Falls: Up to the window sill (Mostly done in kitchen and bathrooms)
B. Apron - Falls: 100mm -150mm below window sill 
C. Floor - Falls: .6mm – 10mm before the floor
D. Puddle - Falls: .150mm – 200mm extra at floor

Length of curtains or draperies - Majestic Curtains and Blinds