Pelmets add that creative touch, providing a more structured and tailored look


Pelmets are an ornamental drapery or board fixed above a window or door to conceal curtain fixtures, it’s a framework placed above a window or door, Pelmets can be used decoratively and also help insulate the window. It is similar in appearance to a valance, which performs the same function but is made of fabric.


Pelmets add elegance and a formal finish to your windows and are also an attractive and practical way of blocking out any light coming into the room, they have always been a great traditional decorative element for window furnishings with padding, cord trim and fabric. An interesting pelmet can add that creative appeal to any room while providing a more structured and tailored look. We have huge range of fabrics, we custom make a wide range of pelmets shapes and sizes, you can also add and chose from exclusive ranges of decorative trims to give your Pelmets the finishing touch.


Padded pelmet is a great option however bonded pelmets are ideal to compliment products such as roller blinds and roman blinds whilst preserving the modern contemporary look. An alternative to upholstered pelmets. No padding, simply fabric bonded to medium density fibreboard (MDF) pelmet.


We have a number of classic styles or we can custom build your pelmet. The options are limitless, choose a plain, arched or curved style, add an insert or panel in a contrasting fabric or use a decorative braid trim, choose bonded pelmets to coordinate to your blinds oropt for a simple or quality timber pelmet in a painted finish of your choice. Get pelmets from Majestic Curtains and Blinds

Pelmets are stylish, versatile, energy efficient and comes in a wide range of fabric.

 Pelmets are custom made to suit your taste or match your rooms theme.