Plantation Shutters

Add character to your home with durable and elegant plantation shutters.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters is a solid and stable window covering usually consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal louvers (rails), these shutters offer an interior window covering that not only looks great, but also offer a variety of additional benefits. Plantation shutters are made from a variety of quality materials.


Out of all the options available for window treatment, over the last few years, trend towards plantation shutters is growing stronger, they have been one of the most stylish and highly sought after choices for window treatments.


Plantation shutters are attractive, elegant shutters that add character to your home with benefits that extend far beyond the aesthetic.

Easy Cleaning: The large slats of plantation shutters makes for more surface area, making them easy to clean and dust. In some cases, a quick pass with a damp cloth is all that is needed.

Energy Saving: The large slats are wonderful for blocking out the warming rays of the sun in the hotter months. In colder months, plantation shutters offer better insulation to other window treatment options such as blinds.

Modern plantation shutters can be cut to any size, meaning they can be customised to suit any window in your home. If you think plantation shutters are right for you, get plantation shutters from Majestic Curtains and Blinds, call today for a free measure and quote!

Thinking of getting plantation shutters, you have come to the right place.

Best quality PVC and Timber shutters at very competitive prices.

Types of Plantation Shutters.
There are many different types of structural design and materiel used to make plantation shutters.

Because of their timeless and classic design, many people who have just begun their search for plantation shutters are surprised to discover that there is more than just one type of plantation shutter available.

Here at Majestic Curtains and Blinds we are proud to offer the best two kinds…

(1) SOLID VINYL – filled with blown PVC and aluminum insert.

(2) BASSWOOD – The best materiel for shutters, it’s light and strong.

Both above types of Plantation shutters can be customizable and can also be installed on arched and round windows.

Both types of shutters come in louver widths of 64mm, 89mm but Basswood also comes in 114mm. Depending on the home’s architectural style, they can be ordered with either  bullnose or decorative frame.


For your knowledge, we have given below details about types of shutters available. 

Vinyl Plantation Shutters.

Vinyl shutters are the cost effective alternate to wood, but the low-end ones can have structural issues, if the shutters are large.

Obvious to the name, there is no wood in Vinyl Shutters, but they can have PVC or aluminum supports. Cost is the main advantage here. They’re also weather resistant and good in high-moisture areas. Vinyl plantation shutters come in the following types:

(1) Solid vinyl with insert – Which is a vinyl frame that has been filled with blown PVC with an aluminium insert These offer the support of metal with a lighter profile, these type are more stable then any other Vinyl shutters.

(2) Solid vinyl – Which is a vinyl frame that has been filled with blown PVC only.

(3) Vinyl-clad wood – These shutters have a hard wood frame wrapped in vinyl.

(4) Structured hollow vinyl – This next step down includes a vinyl skeleton within the shutters to support the shutter’s weight, reducing the amount of sag in the vinyl. (considered as hollow) but have better structural integrity then Hollow vinyl.

(5) Hollow vinyl – The least expensive of the options, they have the benefits of vinyl but have size limitations because the hollow frame can’t support the weight of larger frames, they can sag over time.

Wood (Timber) Plantation Shutters. 

Undoubtedly, the best shutter is a true wood shutter, and the gold standard of plantation shutters is basswood. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, making it very light and strong. Timber shutters are ideal for larger windows. They can be painted or stained