Roller Blinds

The most affordable window covering option, high quality roller blinds.

Roller blinds, Double day and night blin

Over the past decade, Roller Blinds have evolved tremendously. This is part of the fuel on the fire of the interest for roller shades in residential and commercial applications. Consumers, architects, designers, contractors, and building owners are all recognizing the enhanced value of roller shades.


Roller blinds also known as Holland blinds, are the most versatile window covering product which can suit every situation and budget practical and affordable, a wonderful choice to help achieve a clean, modern aesthetic that is subtle and uncluttered. Roller blinds are practical, easy to use product, simple in design. The are fabric based blinds which are connected to a main pole fitted within your window space, around this pole the fabric is securely fitted along with the appropriate cording that enables you to adjust the blind upwards or downwards as you require. The compact design means it takes up minimal room when pulled down, perfect for a busy kitchen or bathroom window sill.

Easy to operate using a sidewinder control, a spring loaded mechanism, or even motorised version they will provide years of trouble free service, making them the ultimate functional blind.


Choose from a range of fashionable colours and a variety of sizes, allowing you to match any style of decor. Roller blinds can either be sheer, light-filtering privacy-providing, or have blackout properties to ensure that sunlight and heat are kept out. Our range of fabrics include 100% blackout, sheer, and light filtering to achieve the perfect level of light control and UV heat protection for any room. Our designs have evolved over decades, now offering even smoother functionality from manual wind to motorisation. Get roller blinds from Majestic Curtains and Blinds

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Just because you are choosing custom made blinds, it doesn't mean you need to pay more.

Roller Blinds Options
Options available for roller blinds, fabrics and other operating mechanisms.


Blockout fabrics blocks out light and heat. They block 100% view during day and night. One cannot see outside and people can’t see inside.

Light-Filtering fabrics let through reduced light and have limited view through and help reduce bit of heat. Ideal when both privacy and light are wanted. At night if a person inside is standing between the light source and window a person from outside can ONLY see shadow.



Single Blind, as the name suggest, these are single roller blinds ideal for any area. Limitation is the type of fabric you chose. 

Double Blind (Combo or day & night) are brackets that can be used to have two roller blinds in one window, this option is used when you don’t want to limit yourself to one type of fabric, basically you can have one with blockout blind and the second a light filtering blind.

Linked Blind (Coupling) brackets are best suited for sliding doors and other situations as it allows for two blinds to be controlled by one drive system.



Spring Assist System should be used if the size of the blind is too big, the system will ensure that the blinds glide smoothly up and down with minimal effort and will limit wear & tear on the components. 

Automation, there are many automation options available, the two very basic is wireless battery operated motor or electrical motor to operate the blinds.