Vertical Blinds

Easy to operate Vertical blinds are incredibly versatile, sleek finish are well suited to a casual area.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are shades in which the slats, or vanes, run up-and-down instead of left-to-right, like they do in Venetian blinds. This makes them a natural choice for sliding doors or for rooms with a wide window expanse that’s difficult to cover with other window treatments. The vertical slats that can be set together at any angle to regulate the light and air passing through or be drawn together to one side of the window by means of wand. Since they draw to the side rather than lifting and lowering, they are easier and faster to operate.

Vertical blinds are incredibly versatile, sleek finish are well suited to a casual area. A practical, functional and economical blind with a sleek modern design. A proven design that offers effortless control over light volume, atmosphere and privacy with the ability to rotate them up to 180 degrees. They are an excellent choice for large windows.


Vertical window blinds today aren’t the same as ones used years ago. They’re better, more versatile, and more stylish and are well suited for both casual and formal areas of your home. You can now find verticals to perfectly complement your current interior design. Our custom, made to measure vertical blinds are made using highest quality material. 


Have a fresh new dimension to a traditional window dressing, add modern lines and gentle flow in your space by cladding your windows with Vertical Blinds, add your own personal touch and choose from many colours, blackout fabrics, the choice is endless.

Vertical Blinds are completely different dimension to a traditional window dressing.

Easily control heat, light and privacy, at controlled budget prices.